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Aleyna Brown is a recording, mixing, and mastering engineer based in Dallas, TX. Aleyna is AVID-certified in Pro Tools and trained in many control surfaces, consoles, analog gear, and digital audio software. She engineers for several studios including The Shire in Tallahassee, FL and Valley of the Kings in Dallas, TX. Aleyna is also Adjunct Professor of Music Industry Studies at the University of Texas - Arlington where she teaches Digital Music Technologies. She previously worked as Lead Engineer for the University of North Texas College of Music Lab Studio, where she managed the recording studio, gear, staff and student tutorials, and led summer recording workshops.


Aleyna earned her B.A. in Commercial Music, with a minor in Business, from Florida State University under the direction of Brian Gaber. While in the Commercial Music program Aleyna specialized in film scoring, honed her skills on the SSL AWS 916 delta mixing console, and completed a year-long extracurricular AVID training course to become Pro Tools Certified.

Also during her degree, Aleyna completed an internship at Tallahassee Recording in 2017. As an intern, Aleyna assisted with voiceover recording sessions, waveform editing with Peak Pro, and backing track composition for in-house media production work. She served as assistant engineer in recording a single by 4-time Gold album artist Billy Dean, on his album “Billy Dean & Friends: Gospel Favorites,” in collaboration with the Tallahassee Boys Choir. 

Later, Aleyna joined the production and A&R teams at Tallahassee nonprofit record label Cat Family Records. While there, she recorded and mixed Camp Green Lake's single "Teen Angst," and assisted in writing the Cat Family Records production handbook. 

Aleyna Brown audio engineer music production

Following her degree, Aleyna worked as a recording, mixing, and mastering engineer at Indianhead Factory, now The Shire, a full service production studio in Tallahassee, FL equipped with a Neve Genesys console. She worked with clients across a variety of genres including Americana, indie rock, rap, and singer-songwriter, including the upcoming solo artist Jacob Giaimo. Beyond her own engineering clients, Aleyna has had opportunities to collaborate with studio owner Chan Leonard, studio engineer J. Cruz, and guest producers as a composer, performer, and fellow engineer. She mastered Tallahassee band Big Blue's debut self-titled album, engineered by Chan Leonard, released by Cat Family Records. She composed the string arrangement for Tampa-based band Vetnough's single "Stale," off their recently released album, engineered by Chan Leonard. She recorded a hip-hop flute sample pack for J. Cruz's L.A. based productions. Aleyna also had the opportunity to collaborate with John Toney, producer for Grammy-winning artist Kendra Foster, on their upcoming track "Nothing Is Impossible," with a string transcription and recording session at Indianhead Factory. 

In January 2020, Aleyna began working as a recording engineer for the University of North Texas College of Music Lab studio. In 2021 she was promoted to Lead Engineer.

In Fall 2020, Aleyna taught two collegiate Audio Engineering courses at the University of North Texas College of Music: "MIDI Sequencing in Logic Pro X" and "Audio Recording & Editing in Pro Tools."

Between 2015-2019, Aleyna produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered her own debut independent album. For the whole story and links to listen to this album, visit the EXHALE tab. 

Through her connection to Shire studio owner and producer Chan Leonard, Aleyna began collaborating and composing with the shoegaze grunge desert rock fusion band MOONtransmissions, Chelsea Davis and Dan Silver. Their collaboration continues with the upcoming release engineered by Mark Needham of the new MOONtransmissions album. Stay tuned!

Aleyna has a new podcast series currently in production. Check out Audio with Aleyna for more information.

Aleyna has an active presence on Instagram and TikTok, creating audio engineering content for education and gear. Follow using social links in website footer below...

Studio Client & Student Testimonials

“Working with Aleyna was a joy and a privilege! She is an excellent engineer as well as an educator. I always felt comfortable whether I was learning from her behind the scenes or playing in front of the glass. She jumpstarted my education in recording techniques and patiently taught me so many valuable lessons! Cannot recommend her enough.”  

-Sveva Clay, UNT student

"Aleyna is very professional and very easy-going at the same time. During the tutorial sessions, she can always quickly spot the problematic part in my mix, and provide effective ways to fix the issues. She is also very good at explaining concepts with language that's easy to understand for beginners. There was never any pressure during the communication, as she is always encouraging when I had any questions or broad ideas. The sessions have always been fruitful, and I learned a lot of practical things in the few hours working with her."  

-Sean Yun, UNT student, media composer

"It was really fun working with Aleyna! I enjoyed recording audio for sound design there because Aleyna was very patient, concise and professional. Being coached on how to move objects in relation to the microphone was very helpful. As a beginner in audio, I always felt comfortable communicating any concerns or questions I had about audio and Pro Tools. The knowledge Aleyna offered was invaluable and I learned a lot." 

-Bao-Anh Phun, UNT student, foley and sound designer for music and media

"Working with Aleyna in the studio was a very streamlined process - she has everything set up before I even walk in and runs the session efficiently. I was able to just play and run sections knowing she would be able to keep track of the various takes. After the actually recording, she translates all my vague musician speak into the mastering of the final track and it's always exactly what I wanted. Aleyna's experience with classical music and recording as a performer as well as an engineer made me extremely confident she was choosing microphones and setting them up to help me achieve the correct timbres/resonance/reverb for my recording tracks. Aleyna is amazing to work with, she is so flexible and accommodating during sessions. I never felt rushed or like I needed to adjust my process. She was very patient and willing to work with me to get the best takes possible. My recordings are amazing - they sound exactly as I wanted, professional and balanced.​" 

-Anne Dearth Maker, DMA flutist and new music specialist

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