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Aleyna Brown is a contemporary American flutist and reed doubler, with a complement of additional degrees in composition and audio engineering, currently based in Denton, TX.  In her roles as a leader and artist in the music industry, Aleyna is an advocate of inclusive concert programming and the exploration of femininity in music and art. 

As a classical flutist, Aleyna has performed three times as a concerto soloist. She has performed as an orchestral flutist in the U.S. and Italy. She frequently performs as a pit orchestra member for theater, opera, and ballet. As a professional pit orchestra reed doubler, Aleyna performs on flute, saxophone, and clarinet. Some of her favorite Reed 1 roles have included: "The Addams Family," "Beauty & the Beast," "Guys & Dolls," and "Hairspray." 


See REPERTOIRE LIST tab for complete list of works premiered, performed, and studied.

Aleyna Brown flute saxophone clarinet
Aleyna Brown flute electronics performance

As a flutist, Aleyna specializes in contemporary music and Baroque music, largely influenced by the specialties of her two primary flute professors, Eva Amsler (2014-2018) and Elizabeth McNutt (2019-2021). While separated by centuries, each of these musical languages possess a heightened form of interpretation and improvisation. As a contemporary flutist, Aleyna excels in performance with live/interactive electronics. As a Baroque flutist, Aleyna performs with historically informed stylistic choices with respect to the modern capabilities of the silver flute. 

As a strong advocate for inclusive programming, Aleyna has dedicated herself to providing a greater knowledge and accessibility to music by under-represented composers, particularly women of diverse multicultural backgrounds. Coming soon to this website  will be a resource of works by composers of these under-represented demographics.

Aleyna earned her M.M. in Flute Performance with contemporary music specialist Elizabeth McNutt, who also directs the NOVA new music ensemble, in which Aleyna performed as a flutist (doubling piccolo and alto flute). 

Aleyna earned her B.M. in Flute Performance at Florida State University studying with Eva Amsler. Aleyna accompanied Professor Amsler to the InterHarmony International Music Festival in Arcidosso, Tuscany in 2016. While there, Aleyna performed solo, chamber, and orchestral repertoire, and received chamber music coaching from Elizabeth Buck, Professor of Flute at Arizona State University. 

Aleyna has also performed for Marina Piccinini, of Peabody Conservatory, in an orchestral excerpt masterclass, and for Terri Sundberg, of the University of North Texas, in a private lesson. 

Prior to attending Florida State, Aleyna studied with Nancy Clew, a prominent flutist on the Space Coast, and founding member of the Florida Flute Association. Nancy Clew is being honored with the Distinguished Service Award this year at the National Flute Association convention in August 2020.  For this award concert, Nancy commissioned a new flute ensemble piece from Aleyna that will be premiered at NFA.

To hear selections of live performances and recordings of solo, chamber, and orchestral excerpts, see MEDIA.

To keep up with Aleyna's upcoming solo, chamber, pit orchestra, and NOVA new music ensemble concerts, see EVENTS.

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